Monday, 6 August 2018

Spain Travel Diary: Day 3 - Jeep Safari

Hi all

I am back with another Spanish adventure, on Tuesday we had a jam packed day on a jeep safari, it wasn't an animal safari, instead think mountains, vineyards and little villages and hidden lagoons. Our day started at around 8:00am when we were picked up in the back of the Safari truck with the windblowing through my braids, sun beaming down, and 2 hours later we were whisked away to a mountain top where we saw the most breathtaking views of Spain.

My favourite part of the whole day, was swimming in these beautiful hidden lagoons and lakes. We had to climb down the sides of some steep hills to get to them but it was well worth it. The water was so blue and the landscape was so pretty I literally just sat there for a while and just appreciated the scenery, nature is so beautiful and calming - I think everyone should travel at least once a year for a different experience. 

Half way through the day we stopped off at a lovely little vintage looking restaurant in a village where the population was just 12 people, and they make lovely young wine from the vineyards close by, which meant wine tasting for us - Yum! 

Over all I had the most fantastic time on the Safari. It was great just to have an adventure and do something a bit out of my comfort zone, I loved it! FYI my tips if you are going to do a trip like this:

- Wear a hat / sun hat: Your heads will be exposed to the sun for hours so it's best to have some kind of protection on your head

- Womens Shorts - It was so hot when we went and when going down the side of the mountains, its better to have on items of clothing that you will cool in and less likely to catch on any branches or rocks.

- Wear shoes with grips: You will need to wear shoes that protect your feet from the rocks and to stop you slipping and falling down the sides of the hills.

- Drink plenty of water through out the day

- Wear sunglasses / goggles - They will protect your eyes from any dust from the safari truck

- Wear plenty of suncream

This is the happiest I've been for a while :) xx


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