Wednesday 18 April 2018


Hi all!

I just finished watching Beyonce's Coachella performance and I AM SHOOKETH! Jeez I felt that down in my spirit - like right in my shondo, my edges are gone, I nearly threw my slipper at my laptop how dare she be so good! I was like YYYAAASSS GET IT! Not only was her performance brilliant but she also made history as the first black woman to headline 'Coachella' in twenty years and I am here for every bit of this black excellence, and although I wasn't physically there, the performance was so electrifying I just felt inspired to do this illustration below.

I loved the whole production and how she referenced HBCU (Historically Black Colleges & Universities) sorority and fraternity culture, from the steppers, to the drumline, the musicians, the orchestra, the dancers, and when the young lady in the white came out twirling those batons I was like girl you better throw that in the air! I just felt so proud, and then I wanted to cry, because black culture is so rich, cool, effortless and there is something so special when they grace and command a stage, something magic happens. This here was hands down the best live performance I have ever seen, and when Solange and Destinys Child came out I damn near lost my mind, this was literally the definition of black girl magic.

The five costumes gave me life which were all custom made by Balmain. The 1st look gave us Egyptian goddess vibes with a heavily embellished cape and one piece, the 2nd look was regular everyday girl that we can all relate too with reference to the college hoodie, and a staple denim festival short paired with custom Christian Louboutin boots which moved and glistened underneath those glorious stage lights.

In conclusion, I feel inspired, honestly this performance was just simply mesmerising,  and how on earth Beyonce danced and sang for 2 hours and not one note was off key, NOT ONE! She really did not come to play! It was great to see the spotlight on so many talented individuals, it felt like team work, and it shows that greater things can be achieved in numbers, this was such a powerful statement and unapologetic in every way. I'm now going to find my denim booty shorts because I want to recreate this look - but first let me find my wig (if I had one) because this performance snatched me bald, they don't call her Queen Bey for no reason. :) xx


Sunday 8 April 2018

Serene In Green


Dress - Zara
Coat - Bloggers Market Place
Shoes - Aldo
Bag - Primark

Good Evening my lovelies!

I am writing this from the lovely city of Manchester, I honestly just needed a break from Birmingham over the bank holiday and so decided to come to Manchester to spend some time with my sister and, and honestly I love it! It's my first my time being in Manchester properly having a look around, and the energy and hustle and bustle almost reminds me of a mini London.

The transport links are brilliant and the people are so friendly. Whilst I've been here I've just been reading, setting goals, going to the gym and kind of just keeping to myself and doing some reflecting, I love doing that, I'm a reserved person by nature so doing that is always nice for me.

On Thursday my sister and I decided to head out for a bite to eat, and me being the extra person I am, I decided to go with this lovely long sleeved khaki dress paired with this fab green trench coat that I picked up from the 'Bloggers Market Place' for £5! Bargain!

I bought this dress spontaneously about 2 years ago and it has been such a wardrobe staple, if I need a  sexy dress to wear that's not black, is warm, and that I can just throw on in 2 mins, this dress does the trick, the only down side to this is if you eat to much in it, you run the risk of looking 3 months pregnant lool (I love food).

These simple sunglasses have a diva vibe about them which I love. I saw a pair of similar sunglasses  in Reiss for £100 which was far too expensive for me, and then I stumbled across these £2 sunglasses in Primark and you would never know the difference!

About a year ago I wasn't really a lipstick wearer, I was more of a lipgloss person, but since discovering the Mac colour 'Ruby Woo', I'm obsessed with it and wear all the time.

I got glam with these silver shoes which are from one of my favourite shops - Aldo. I just love their shoes, good quality, trendy, they make a statement, and they won't break the bank either - well as long as you buy the shoes in the sale (which I always do).

The block heel makes these easy to walk in and I adore the embellishment on the back. My only criticism of Aldo shoes is that they can come up quite narrow sometimes and pinch the sides of my feet, so after about 2 / 3 hours I want to take them off. Other than that their shoes are fabulous.

Over all my week has been great, I feel ready to go forward with some new ideas and a fresh perspective. :) xx

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