Thursday 15 December 2016

Illustration 2: Santa's Helper - Pinky

Hi All,

So after doing my fabulous illustration of Nicole aka black girl Santa, I thought I wonder what her helpers / girls would look like - so I introduce to you 'Pinky'!, one of the many girls in Nicole's team that helps her to sort through all the shoe presents and keep everything fabulous. Pinky is a boss in her own right and loves to dance to Dancehall looool YASSSS goodas fi dem! :)


Tuesday 13 December 2016

Illustration: Santa Baby - Shara Style

Hi All,

I honestly cannot believe its December and nearly Christmas already! I literally do not know where the time has gone, it's come around again so quickly. Today whilst doing some design work in my trustee onesie and sipping on peppermint tea I thought to myself, I wonder what Santa would look like with an afro lol (yep - real thoughts of a lady in her mid twenties).

I've never believed in Santa even when I was little, but I thought even though Santa is a figment of my imagination, I would like to see an image portrayed that I could at least relate to, so I drew my own.  Ladies & Gents I introduce this illustration called 'Santa Baby', her name is Nicole, and if she were real she would spread her fabulous style and confidence to women every where and deliver us shoes from Zara, Aldo and Christian Louboutin.

I suppose what I'm trying to say is that representation is so important, and if you don't see yourself represented in something, do your best to be the change you would like to see,no matter how small.

So from now on in my mind - Santa will be a fabulous black girl with a fro - YASSS!! :) :)


Sunday 4 December 2016

Craig David X - factor Performance! - Being Stylist Assistant to Celeb Stylist Alexis Knox!

Hi All!

My goodness it's been a long time since I've updated this beloved blog, BUT I promise I have a good explanation for it - no really. I Shara Johnson have spent the past couple of months being a stylist assistant to Celebrity Stylist Alexis Knox - POW!

 I must say I am completely loving the experience and have learnt so much in such a short space of time, from doing every day tasks such as pickups, returns and logging in samples, to assisting on the set of Craig David Music videos, going to press appointments, and more recently getting to assist backstage at X - Factor for the Craig David performance of his new single 'Change My Love'

X Factor Stage - Movie Week

Going to X Factor was particularly exciting for me because I was finally getting to experience first hand how one of the biggest entertainment shows are produced, and how much needs to be taken into consideration when styling an outfit for TV, such as: sitting through sound check to see how the outfit will looking against the lighting, or choosing the right print or the right style of shoe for TV.

Me and Celeb Stylist Alexis Knox

Backstage as you can imagine was a good kind of hectic and an excited atmosphere all round. There were people with ring lights, microphones, photographers, people being interviewed and getting glammed up all in preparation for count down to showtime.

Sound Check

All in all it was a great evening, its not every day you get to go to X factor let alone go back stage. I am a true believer in that great things will happen when preparation meets opportunity, and I am certainly grabbing all the opportunities coming my way with both hands and giving it my best.

Until next time guys I shall see you soon with another update on what I've been doing - mwahh xx :)


Tuesday 4 October 2016

Flirty Autumn Essentials!

Hi Lovlies!

It's October and I can hardly believe that we are nearly at the end of 2016! Autumn is most definitely what I call that awkward transition phase where we say goodbye to the last remnants of summer, and begin to snuggle into our scarves waiting for that brassy winter cold. HOWEVER it's also a great time to experiment with layering your clothes, and reawaken your sassy side with some new flirty fall essentials like lingerie.

  Image from 'Adore Me'

Lingerie brand'Adore Me' asked me what my 'go to items' of clothing were for this Autumn season, and quite frankly my boyfriend coat paired with a simple cap sleeve white Tee, and my multi purpose black jeans with gold trainers have been my saving grace. Such an effortlessly stylish ensemble that is comfy and practical for my day to day errands with a touch of sexy from my fabulous T - shirt bra underneath.

My go to outfits this Autumn
Often the misconception is that you should wear sexy undies when you're 'going somewhere', but why should we restrict ourselves to a time frame of being sexy? Sexy is a feeling, and to enhance that feeling you could throw on an over sized comfy jumper and a pair of boots during the day, yet have on your slinky bralette set underneath that makes you feel just that little bit more empowered and mysterious.

As Cocoa Chanel points out 'Self confidence is the best outfit anyone can wear', so as a lady who definitely has confidence in herself and outward style, I will exude confidence in the under wear I wear too, even if no one is going to see it - I can be sexy in secret. :)

Sunday 25 September 2016

London Fashion Week: Olive Green


Shoes - Dune
Sunglasses - Ebay

London Fashion Week is the best excuse I have to just get all dressed up and look fierce, and Tuesday's outfit was no exception. On Saturday the 17th I had the pleasure of assisting backstage at the Julien Macdonald show, but being on the front row of a show and not have to run around like a headless chicken, relax and actually appreciate the designs is pure bliss.

I'm currently loving this Olive green colour which is perfect for Autumn, so when I came across this gorgeous biker jacket in Zara I had to get it, I think the cut is fabulous and the colour means it can go with almost anything.

This simple cheap and cheerful Zara dress is a great piece to dress up or down depending on the occasion and is effortlessly sexy, and I think is a piece that can be worn throughout the year.

My shoes (yes lordt), they are fab if I do say so myself, and a steal in the sale for only £15 from Dune. Surprisingly they are very comfortable to walk in because of the block heel.


Wednesday 21 September 2016

London Fashion Week 2016!

Hi my lovelies!

So much has happened over the past few weeks, I've moved back to London, I've done a design internship, and now it is back to the time of year where we celebrate all things fashion - YES! I am referring to London Fashion Week! For me London is the place of real innovation and fearless fashion. Designer's here aren't scared to leave the hems of garments undone, and show real grit and conviction in who they are as designers.

My fashion week was kick started early with an Internship  at Julien Macdonald where I got to exercise my hand sewing and embellishment skills during the week, and the grand show that took place in Marylebone saw his intricate and sexy designs brought to life by models such as Hailey Baldwin. My favourite looks were definitely the black cut out jumpsuit and the silver fringe dress that had a very 20's feel to it.

Julien Macdonald Ss17 backstage at LFW

Fast forward to day 5 and the Ss17 show of the emerging brand 'Irynvigre', I loved the whole vibe of the show. Back stage was calm and relaxed (which is rare for fashion week) with hair being done by 'Tony & Guy'. 
'Irynvigre' Backstage

The metallic make up gave the models a futuristic sci fi look that was very fitting for the collection which was filled with light & airy fabrics and clean lines.

'Irynvigre' Ss17 Show

After the show it was time to mingle, and I met some fabulous fashionistas who came to SLAY! I met this lovely lady who goes by the name of miss Brown, she certainly did not hold back with her use of colour and her fabulous afro. I also had the pleasure of meeting YouTube 'Tootsie Time' I love her channel and think she is one of the few YouTubers who just tell it like it is, and her outfit gave me life! YAAAASSSS!

Overall my couple of days at London Fashion week were great, until next time fashionistas. mwahh :) xx


Thursday 18 August 2016

Sun Burst


Dress - Asos
Coat - Zara (old)
Shoes - Kurt Geiger
Bag - Market Stall
Sunglasses - Ebay

The sun has most definitely been on a roll lately blessing us with all this lovely weather. I actually wore this outfit a couple of weeks ago for my friend's 25th birthday and I LOVED the way it looks so I decided to wear it again and share it with you this time.

I kept the outfit quite simple with this sexy cami bodycon midi dress which is great for a dinner date. To add a little structure to the outfit, I paired it with my good ole faithful canary yellow coat that layers it beautifully.

By itself the dress creates such a statement. Fashion tips ladies, if you want to make a simple dress pop, make sure your accessories and shoes really stand out.

I thought this blue nail varnish & printed clutch bag would contrast nicely against the yellow, and compliment my subtle choice of accessories.

OMG! Can we thank the lord one time for my shoes. These are my new favourite shoes (for the moment), mainly because the heel is everything! The good thing about a multi coloured heel is that you can wear these with a multitude of things or have on a plain outfit, and make a real statement without you even trying. :)


Tuesday 9 August 2016



Top - Zara
Skirt - Made by me (Shara)
Shoes - Zara
Bag - Market stall
Sunglasses - Ebay

Hi everyone! The sun has been out, I've been feeling a lot better towards the end of this week, and I had the urge to go to my studio to do some sewing and make myself this printed circle skirt from this gorgeous melon fabric.

I wear colour all year round, but there is something about when the sun comes out that just makes me even happier. This skirt would look great with a plain white shirt, but in this case I paired with this red crop top from Zara.

Advice: If you want to wear print but you're not sure how, pair the printed item with a block colour to break it up.

The skirt is made with cotton for the outer layer, and from muslin as the lining. Both of these fabrics are light and breathable which make them perfect for wearing during the summer or while you're on holiday.

I kept the accessories simple for this outfit because it was already quite busy. I went with this simple ring & bracelet from Primark, and the GORGEOUS ankara bag that I got from a cutesy market stall that I came across on Peckham high street.

The moral ladies is, don't be scared to wear your colours and print, have fun, fashion doesn't always have to be so serious. :)


Monday 1 August 2016

Illustration Post: The World Is Yours!

Hi my lovelies,

It's been a while since I updated my blog... there has been a wirl wind of things happening in my life, from me deciding to move, and more recently having to come to terms with the passing of my grandfather *tears*. In all this I've learned that life is short, life is sacred, do what you love, don't be afraid to just go after your ambitions and your dreams, you have one life, you are beautiful, courageous and you owe it to yourself to reach your full potential if your try. The illustration below I call 'The world is yours' - Selah.


Sunday 17 July 2016

The Wedding & The Outfit!


Dress - House Of CB
Shoes - Zara
Accessories - Primark

OMG All! Yesterday was the wedding dayyyyy - not mine of course, but one of my good friends Ramarlo from school got married to his fabulous now wife Nicole who looked flawless in a gorgeous wedding gown adorned with a crystal bodice. Not only was it a beautiful day to watch the union of two people who genuinely love each other come together as one, but it was also filled with an element of nostalgia seeing old school friends all grown up - we are officially adults *sigh*

Everyone came dressed in their best including me of course, you know I had to turn up and slay in typical Shara style. The attire for the day was a beautiful silk jersey dress by 'House of CB' in a pretty taupe colour.

This dress literally fits like a glove and is like a second skin accentuating all of my curves (YAASS). My favourite detail is the high collar and centre drape which gives a nod to the Grecian style of dress and draping.

Advice: When wearing a high collared dress like this, pull your hair back so the focus remains on the dress, and wear seamless underwear to prevent any VPL.

The sit down meal and reception were just beautiful, the food was lovely and the atmosphere was filled with so much love and joy, I was just so happy for them. After the heartfelt speeches and pearls of wisdom been given by both family and close friends, the groom left us with some wise words - he said 'No matter what anyone else is doing, do what makes you happy'.

I left that night having eaten good food, danced away, catching up with friends and feeling happy for the newly weds on their new journey. :)


Wednesday 29 June 2016

Pencil Skirt & Afro


Blazer - H&M
Skirt - Ebay
Tank Top - H&M
Shoes - Zara

It's almost the end of June and finally on Sunday 26th we just about got some nice weather before the skies turned grey and the down pour started, (they definitely lied about the heatwave). My weekend was ammmaaazing! I went to the British Olympic trials at Alexander stadium, the cinema, out for dinner, and on Sunday I went to church and wanted to share my outfit with you, not to mention I got my afro out Heeeeeyyyy!

I kept the outfit quite neutral this week with most of its flare coming from my sunglasses and fabulous afro. The blazer is a great throw over piece to make the outfit look smart and appropriate. It could also be worn casually with a pair of  tapered trousers or skinny jeans.

The fit of this basic top from H&M is just great and at £3.99 is cheap and cheerful, comfortable and sexy at the same time. Paired with a jersey pencil skirt and heels, it makes a great outfit to out for a dinner date.

Ok so lets discuss my sunglasses for a second please. I am in lovvvvee with these, I am already obsessed with colour, so when I saw these on Ebay for £1.75 I bought two pairs of course, WHAT A BARGAIN! They add a touch of retro to the outfit and pull it together.

At the moment I'm loving a barley there shoe with an ankle strap. I particularly like the style of these white ones that just look effortlessly elegant with some fun from the perspex sides. However, as fabulous as they are, admittedly they are not comfortable at all, and unfortunately I don't think I will get much wear out of them *sigh*. None the less they are great to take pictures in lol :)


Saturday 25 June 2016

Shara's Fashion Fix: The Wedding Guide

Hi my lovelies!

Welcome to 'Shara's Friday Fashion Fix!' I cannot believe it is June, we are half way through the year and it is officially wedding season. I actually went to a hen do last week as two of my friends are getting married next month nawwwwww I'm so happy for them. HOWEVER, I am left with the alarming question like most other wedding guests - WHAT DO I WEAR? 
Today I thought I would do a break down of the questions some lovely ladies of the public asked me on my BBCWM fashion segment.

Q : Hi I'm attending a wedding this summer as a guest and I have no idea what to wear!? - Sally

Shara's Answer: I’m actually in this dilemma myself because I’m going to a wedding next month. I think the first thing you need to do is identify what kind of wedding it is. If it’s a wedding abroad then I would stick to wearing light fabrics like chiffon. Brands like ‘Lispy’ do some delightfully light printed maxi dresses from about £32. You can pair them with some block heels or barley there sandals and a clutch bag. If you’re a mother of the bride then places like John Lewis and House of Fraser do fabulous two piece sets like a bolero and pencil dress that you can pair with a clutch bag. If you are a guest then brands like 'Jenny Packham' and 'Julien MacDonald' do some beautiful evening wear pieces.

Q: Hello Shara! What are your shopping tips for somebody who is getting married or is going to be a bridesmaid - like meee. - Unknown

Shara's Answer: This is wear it gets tricky with weddings especially with bridesmaids because everyone is different heights, body shapes and everyone has different tastes as well. So I have a top 5 tips list.

1.) My number one shopping tip for brides / bridesmaids are if you are shopping for dresses, then start early, do not leave it to the last minute, I would start 7 / 8 months in advance so there is time for everyone to be measured and have alterations done. If you are shopping for mini accessories like clutch bags or shoes I would get these no later a month before the event, and I would go early in the morning at 10:00am.

2.) Be honest about your budget from the start because then accommodations can be made and it gives the bride time to decide what she wants, and time for people to save, which makes everything less stressful.

3.) Take a swatch of the dress fabric / take a photo of the dress with you when you are shopping because it will allow you to accessorise the dress properly and it will allow you to colour match better
4.) Make sure you get shoes that completely lift your dress off the floor but that you can be comfortable walking around in all day.

5.) If you are a group of bridesmaids, try and shopping together so you can be in sync with what shoes you’re buying. Or if you can’t decide amongst you it might be worth having a free styling session with a personalshopper at places like Debenhams, House of Fraser / Selfridges.


Sunday 12 June 2016

Try on Wardrobe Haul!

Hello fabulous people!

Today I have a haul for you, it's honestly been a while since I sat and shared what I've purchased over the last couple of weeks. I've sold a bunch of my old things and replaced with some items that are more practical for the summer - Enjoy! :)


Sunday 5 June 2016

Yellow Blazer & Lace Up Top


Yellow Blazer - Zara
Jeans - Topshop
Boots - Miss KG
Top - Pretty Little Thing

Hi my beautiful people, the weather has been just lovely over the last couple of days with the sun beaming, which means the bright blazer comes out. Admittedly this post was supposed to go up a few days ago but alas the realities of life take over sometimes *sigh* but here it is none the less and still looking fabulous HEEEEYYYYYY!

I am actually in love with this blazer, the cut and finish on it is impeccable and adds great structure to the body and shoulders. The colour also looks fierce against my skin tone and make my melanin pop.

I wanted this to be a sexy casual look and decided on this lace up body suit from 'Pretty Little Thing' which fits like an absolute glove. I usually wouldn't have put a bra on with it but for a day look I thought it would be more appropriate. For a completely sexy look I can take the blazer off, and for a more polished look I can put the blazer on.

These ankle boots with gold plating details bring the whole outfit together, are surprisingly very comfortable to walk around in all day and were a bargain reduced from £90 to £29 *church wave*

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