Thursday 27 February 2020



Dress: Oh Polly
Shoes: Asos
Bag: Boohoo
Photographer: LM Visuals

Ok ok calming down and breathing slowly.

Everyone! I Shara Tanasha Johnson aka princess of everything fashion and fabulous has just got engaged! Well not just, my fiancé proposed in the most beautiful way on Valentines day and to be honest I'm still really overwhelmed with it all and I keep crying with happiness.

Apparently he'd been planning this for months and had gone to my parents in December to ask them for their blessing to marry me, and then had spent ages finding the perfect ring for me. I on the other hand completely oblivious to what was being planned, accidentally nearly sabotaged the whole thing by being difficult. My boyfriend had informed me that he had planned a photoshoot for us on Valentines day, and honestly I didn't have any inclination that he would propose because we were supposed to do a photoshoot a couple of years ago.

Instead of guessing it would be a proposal I went into full fashion stylist mode two weeks before and started saying to him 'babe we need to do the shoot later in the day, why is it so early? We need hair and makeup, we need a theme, we need outfit changes, we should wear matching outfits, let me choose your outfit, I don't think you've thought about the logistics of this, why aren't you listening to me I'm a fashion stylist I know what we should be doing!' (bless my boyfriend he was doing his best to just ignore me and continue with his plans).

Then in the morning my make up wouldn't go right and I had a massive nose bleed out of nowhere and I said 'AAAHH I don't feel like going out anymore' (me just being a total drama queen and having a mini meltdown).

Eventually I was dressed and he took me to the beautiful location of 'Sky Gardens' on the 35th floor to the 'Sky Pod Bar' in central London, and I said 'oooo babe this is gorgeous!' In true Shara style I was so focused on the lovely location and us getting fabulous pictures and making sure all of our angles were right and me saying 'yaaassss' every two seconds admiring what an amazing job the photographer was doing, I didn't for one second think anything was out of the ordinary, I literally thought 'this is great! we're having fab pics taken, I will have great content for my blog' and to be honest I was already so happy that he'd planned this I wasn't thinking about anything else.

We walked along the garden landscape admiring the view and then we came across two chairs and he said to me, 'babe I think we should do an impromptu gratitude talk'. A gratitude talk / walk is something that we've done throughout our relationship, it's when we go out into a neutral space and we talk about all the things we are thankful for in each other, our relationship and all the things we would like to improve on in our relationship just so that the line of communication between us is always healthy, so again I didn't think anything was out of the ordinary because we've always done this.

I was completely shocked when I stood up to put my jacket on, I turned around and he was on one knee and said 'before we go I just want to ask you will you marry me?'
At this point I was absolutely stunned because I had no idea this was coming. I had always made it clear to him that I didn't want to get married in my twenties, and that my thirties is when I would think about marriage, but when I saw him down on one knee my whole heart just felt so full and I cried with joy because he was showing me that he loves me so much  that he wants me to be his wife and build a future with me. Through tears and blurry mascara I said 'Yes'! and he puts the most beautiful ring on my hand.

Literally every emotion was running through me at once - I was happy, nervous, overwhelmed, and he looked at me and said, this is about us, there's no rush, if it takes us 1, 2, 3 years or whatever to get married its ok, I just wanted to show you how serious my intentions are'. Honestly guys I was so happy, I feel so safe with him.  I've never wanted to feel under pressure to get married because I know how much societal pressure there is for women to be married by a certain age, but him reassuring me was all I needed and I couldn't be more thankful.

After me crying my eyes out, he turned to the crowd of people who had formed to see what was going on and said  'SHE SAID YES!', everyone clapped and was congratulating us, and we got complimentary glasses of champagne.

Whilst I know that we have a lot to plan and a wedding to plan, right now I'm just enjoying this stage of being engaged. I'm a fiancĂ© WOW! and honestly this man has shown me nothing but love since the day I met him, he always go out of his way to make me feel like a princess, and although I know that marriage isn't always going to be roses and cuddles, I'm excited to share my future with him. Xx  :)

Just Us. <3


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