Friday 27 February 2015

Fashion Fix Friday: Flat Shoes

Although heels and I have a very strong relationship, unfortunately I am not able to wear my lovelies everyday, and dare I say it due to wear I work, I have to sacrifice wearing fabulous shoes for comfortable shoes most of the time.

However with the plethora of gorgeous shoes around, flats are equally as fashionable as heels now, and lets be real, if you have lots of errands to run, or if you will be carrying lots of heavy bags or just walking around a lot, then heels are not always the practical option, so the alternative? Fabulous Flats! 

These are a few pairs of flats that I've eyeing up for the last few weeks now and I intend on purchasing real soon, but for now they are on the wish list.

1.) These gold ankle strap beauties from Zara at £29.99 are great for if you don't feel like wearing heels but still want you outfit to look sophisticated and chic. They are perfect for wearing for lunch with the girls or a more formal event, I particularly like the shape of the side cut outs.

2.) Now I couldn't do a post with a some colour, these baby blue loafers from 'Top Shop' are a great way of injecting an pop of colour into your wardrobe without looking like you've tried to hard.

3.) I'm not usually a trainer girl, in fact I don't even own a pair, but these Adidas suede gazelles from Urban Outfitters have really caught my attention. I hate shoes that make my feet look clunky, but if you want to go for a more sporty look or if you are running a few errands then these are perfect.


Sunday 22 February 2015

Shara Illustrations - The London Fashion Week Edition

Hi Guys!

 Its one of my favourite times of year right now - London Fashion Week! Although I'm not able to attend this week, I've certainly enjoyed seeing everyones individual posts and style on Instagram, and I thought why not show off some of my own style and designs too.

This first illustration is definitely something I would wear to fashion week, very bright, colourful, quirky and not afraid to stand out from the crowd. What better time than fashion week to wear lime green shoes? I always say that colour and print are great to wear at fashion week because they make a photograph more visually interesting (in my opinion).

Shara Illustration - 'Rita Goes to LFW'

This second illustration I actually did a while ago of the stylist Elizabeth Ajomale, I loved her outfit and decided to do a cartoon version. I call this one prim and proper.

There you have it guys, some of my illustrations London Fashion Week style. I plan to post more illustrations on Wednesday as well so keep your eyes peeled :)


Sunday 15 February 2015

Fashion Design - Client Meetings

Hi Guys!,

This week I didn't feel like doing a street style, instead I wanted to share some exciting news with you. This month I have had some amazing design opportunities. One is designing a floor length dress for a high profile event in April (I won't say what event just yet I want it to be a surprise).

Then this week I had a  fitting with the lovely Soul Singer from Birmingham Sasha Simone! Can you guess which TV show shes from? I was so excited when my friend and fellow designer Stephen Arthur arranged for us to have a meeting.

I had all my collection laid out on the rail for her to choose from, and she absolutely loved the big bead printed circle skirt. As a designer who loves to work with colour and prints, its great when other women feel great in my clothes which is my ultimate aim, to make them feel good and for them to have fun while wearing one of my garments.

Over all my day went great! I've had two successful design meetings, and in one month or two my designs will be show cased on a large platform. All I can say is - watch this space!

I am so excited about where my design journey is taking me in 2015 and I am grateful for everything I am learning along the way. *smiles*

Me Fitting singer and Tv contestant on 'The Voice' Sasha Simone


Sunday 8 February 2015

Feeling Blue

Jacket - Matalan
       Shirt - George Asda
          Bow tie - Vinatge shop
Jeans -  H&M
Shoes - Zara
             Bag - Urban Outfitters
            Rings - Lollapalooza by Dee

The sun was out in full force today which I was very happy about but of course there was still that nippy chill in the air so the blue jacket was must. Honestly I haven't been feeling the greatest this week, I've been feeling a bit down in the dumps, but today was a new day and I decided to get up with a happier mindset and start the day with a fabulous outfit. 

I love the colour of my jacket and contrast that it gives against my button up white shirt and red bow tie.

I haven't worn these jeans in aaggggeeees, mainly because its been rainy and horrible, but today I thought I'd get them back out because I love the tear in them and my legs won't freeze lol. The colour of them also brings a lightness to the outfit.

This Bow Tie I have on here is a little gem that I found in a vintage shop in London, which adds an element of fun and geek chic to the outfit.

My accessories are on point yet again this week thanks to Lollapalooza by Dee who make these beautiful jewel enamel rings at £15 each, unique and handmade pieces I always feel great when I wear their statement pieces.

This lovely little blue bag has served me so well over the last year, I got in an Urban Outfitters sale for £6! I knowwwwww right! Bargain! (If you read my blog often you will know that I cannot resist a good bargain lol) I especially love all the details like the diamond stitched texture and particularly the gold chain, just brilliant.

I always say that like my black or blue jeans, a plain white shirt is a great base to build an outfit onto, I wore this today for the smart casual look and also makes the blue and red really pop. If you want more layers in an outfit you could easily put a grey jumper over this shirt and put the blue jacket over the top for a more interesting look.

Once again my patent cutout shoes are from the fabulous land of ZARA, which are great comfortable shoes to wear out and about during the day.


Thursday 5 February 2015

Pretty & Pink :)

Looking around my room today I realised quite a few things in my life at the moment are pink and I must say that although I don't go out of my way to buy things that are pink there is a special place in my heart for this colour. I am a typical girly girl and I have no shame in admitting that pink and coral does make me smile and feel pretty. Today I thought I'd share a few of my current favourite pink items that I am using in my every day life at the moment.

1) My  favourite thing is my 'One Direction' fragrance.Usually I would never have bought anything to do with One Direction, but surprisingly it smells amazing, and it the whole set of fragrance, shower gel and body lotion was on offer for £20 - such a bargain! I love the overall presentation and shape of the bottle. This would make a great Valentines Day gift.

2) The travel bag, every lady needs a fabulous travel or over night bag, girls if you don't have one, invest in one. Sometimes the annoyance of wheeling a mini suitcase is to much, so when my lovely mom bought me this gorgeous pink travel bag I was happy and I love floral print.

3) I am obsessed with my little trinkets, I think they are such a cute way of accessorising your room and also storing little items such as nail varnishes or toiletries. I have a few of these and they were a cheap buy from pound stretcher for £1.99 - I may go back and purchase a few more lol

5.) My nail varnish lately has been ranging from either turquoise or one of the pinks you see below, I like my nails to look nice and pretty and particularly like the coral colour from 'Miss Sporty' and the baby pink one by 'Revlon'. My rosy vaseline I never go any where without.


Sunday 1 February 2015

All Blacked Out

Despite it being seriously cold this weekend, me and my girls have decided that we will NOT let this typical British weather phase us and go out for dinner yayyy! :) Today's street style is all about that sexy but practical for the weather going out look. Usually I wouldn't be wearing so much black, but I decided that I wanted to do something different this week and just have pops of colour here and there.

Jumpsuit: Miss Selfridge
Blazer: H&M
Shoes: Zara
Necklace & ring: Lollapalooza by Dee
Bracelet and earrings: Market Stall

I wanted something a bit more understated this week, so I opted for this lovely black jumpsuit from Miss Selfridge that has been sitting in my wardrobe unworn for a whiiilllllle. I love it because its great for wearing out to dinner as an evening look, but can easily be paired with a pair of flat sandals and over sized tote bag for a summers day look. 

My faithful H&M blazer is good for adding some sophistication to any outfit, the length of it is perfect and doesn't over shadow the jumpsuit. I particularly like blazers just because they give the body structure. 

 The belt detail of the jumpsuit is great because its cinched in at the waist which emphasises the figure. The eyelets and studs are also a lovely bit of embellishment detail.

My huge laser cut Africa earrings were a must and went perfectly with my necklace and bracelet.

I'm obsessed with my necklace and ring from Lollapalooza by Dee or LBD Gems for short, I love this contrast of the orange and black with the shape of the triangle in the middle; accessories really are what pulls an outfit together.

Can we just stop and talk about my shoes for a minute please *jumps with excitement* - I know right they are fiiieeerrrccccee! I showed them in my wardrobe haul video a few weeks ago and I love them! Of course I got them in the Zara sale for £19.99 and these are the definition of a statement shoe. They don't need much dressing up, all you need is a black pair of skinnys and black turtle neck and you are good to go.
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