Thursday 30 October 2014

Major Print Clash!

Friday the 24th of October marked the 6th Annual Midlands Fashion Awards which I had been invited to attend. So what do I do? - I use the excuse to dress up! I was so happy to be going it gave me an excuse to just go crazy with my prints and colours. For this outfit I decided to wear a liquorice all sort skater skirt which is one of my own designs at £35 (wooop yayyy me!) and paired it with this equally crazy cami top from Urban Outfitters sale at £15. (The top is actually a play suit but I decided to do a little styling and put the skirt over it.)

For my accessories I decided to go all out! Most people would normally oppose to wearing huge earrings and a loud necklace at the same time *rolls eyes and yawns*, but I thought that due to the outfit being so loud it wouldn't matter and decided to go for my huge Africa earrings, and statement multi-coloured necklace that can also be shortened into a choker.

Advice: Ladies if you are wearing a strappy / cami top try and stick to wearing a strapless bra, it looks a lot classier and gives your outfit a cleaner polished look when bra straps are not visible. 

 I love these shoes! These slingbacks from Carvela at £49 complimented my outfit perfectly and are soooo comfortable, I soldiered it out in them all night *shmoney dance*. I really wanted my shoes to pop so I did this by painting my nails turquoise.

My Outfit was complete with my Zara coat that I got for - wait for it ...£12.99! 
Of course my night was not complete without my equally fabulous fashion accomplice Stephen who looked amazing in Tom Ford - yes I know - Tom ford!


Thursday 23 October 2014

Transitional Dressing - in Yellow - Obviously!

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending the Debenhams beauty press show in London, and although it wasn't cold, there was still a slight chill in the air, so I though what better way to combat this problem by pulling out my secret weapon - YES -  The canary yellow ZARA boyfriend coat! At the £30 in the sale it had to be bought. The coat screamed quality, the seams are beautifully finished with bindings on the inside and the bright colour just makes every outfit you pair with pop and is perfect for transitioning into the Autumn months.

For the journey to London and the press event I wanted to go for the smart casual look that was weather appropriate. I opted for these cheap and cheerful jeans from H&M £14.99 which are very comfy with a great fit.

Advice: Girls if you have bigger thighs and a tiny waist like I do (Size 12 hips, size 6 - 8 waist) give H&M jeans a try, they always seem to fit both for me.

 Next I paired the jeans a stripey shirt that I got from a charity shop. I like to tuck my shirt into my jeans to show off my belt H&M £3.99 and because I feel that it makes the outfit look more slick.

                                                            Ring by Lollapalooza                             

Shirt Details

 I lovvvveeee my ring by the emerging jewellery design company 'Lollapallooza' by Dee. These unique handmade rings are right up my street and are great statement pieces at £15 to wear on your hand, and they do them in different shapes and colours to! *church wave*.

Finally the whole outfit is brought together by the shoes - yes let us stop and observe how fabulous they are please. I love these shoes because you could have on the most basic outfit (black jeans and black tank top) and these shoes would just bring it to life and catapult it straight into chic. I actually got them from Zara in their sale at just £24 -  I know right! - Bargain!


Wednesday 15 October 2014

An Interview with Fashion Accessories Brand: 'Sampson and Christie'

After the glamorous  Midlands Fashion Soiree on the 8th of August, I was having a browse looking at the beautiful exhibition stands that were located just outside the showroom, when I came across this stunning accessory brand ‘Sampson and Christie’. Upon looking at the products everything about them oozed high quality with obvious attention to intricate details on the leather. Of course I wanted to know more about this wonderful brand, so I caught up with founder Becky Sampson, who discussed her inspirations as well as where she sees ‘Sampson and Christie’ in the future.

 How did you get into starting your accessory line?

Becky: 'Sampson & Christie' was started while I was designing at a small home wares company. The company had an agency side to the business that dealt with leather bags and accessories for larger companies, such as Quba and DKNY. I got to deal first hand with the factories, and was able to get valuable experience with this side of production. I had always had a passion for designing and the opportunity arose for me to create a collection and use the factories that I had been dealing with, it was an opportunity that I had to take. I started designing in 2012 and it took a full year for the collection to go from designs to physical products.

Sampson and Christie Accessory Range 

What is your design process like from initial idea to product?

Becky: The design process for me is to first create a pattern, taking inspiration from the natural world around me. The pattern is then refined and changed to suit the laser cut element. Once I am happy with the pattern, I then go through a wide range of colour options to get the best combination that will work with all the products for that collection. I can’t get the colours’ to close or too far apart, as they don’t work well on the end products. From this I then create a range of initial designs for the shapes that I feel I want to include in the collection, and then pick about 5 which I then work on and refine, to get the best options for the collection. For me its all about showing off the pattern and the laser cut element in the best light, as this is the main feature on the bag that I want to highlight. This is why I always create a pattern first and the bag shape second.

                                                   (Founder Becky working on initial pattern designs)

 You seem to take a lot of inspiration from butterflies; do you also pull inspiration from other sources?

Becky: My inspiration comes mainly from the natural world, so many of the patterns are based on nature, be it flowers, butterflies, leaves or birds. However I do also take a lot of inspiration from patterns in man made structures, such as Islamic art in buildings. The inspiration can come from anywhere, it can be anywhere that I see a pattern or an idea that I think I could make work on the accessories.

 You currently design laptop cases, phone cases,  bags (etc.) Are there other products in the pipeline we can expect from Sampson and Christie?

        'Blaze Burner Laptop Bag' Available here
Becky: Yes there are many other products that I would like to bring in, currently in the pipe line is a smaller purse, glass case and a bowler style bag. Eventually I want to include a range of travel accessories, including a weekend bag. There are also plans to slowly introduce a few men’s wear pieces into the range.
 Using laser cutting to create patterns, do you ever feel that you are restricted to what kind of patterns you are able to produce or fabrics you are able to use?

Becky: Using laser cut has never been a restriction for me. I love creating patterns and making them work in laser cut, my products are a very tactile product, and I get many people coming up and picking up pieces to see how it has all been done, as often from a distance they think it is a print, it is only when they pick it up they realize it is a cut pattern. I don’t ever view it as a restriction as I love working in leather, and will always continue to work with leather. I have ideas for using the leather laser cut panel and mixing it with a canvas, to develop a lower priced range collection in the future, but it will always been a key element in my design process.

                          'Day Bag Monarch' &  'Flame thrower blue shoulder bag' Available here

Would you ever consider expanding into clothing and using the laser cutting technique?

Becky: There have been thoughts of looking in to adding clothing to the brand, but this is a way off at the moment. My main passion will always be bags and accessories, if I made the leap in the future to add clothing to the range I would have to make sure that it was totally the right decision for the brand.

                                                             'Clutch red Admiral' available here

 As your brand grows, what are the key signature things that you would like consumers to remember Sampson and Christie for?

Becky: I would always like consumers to remember that the quality of my products will never be compromised; I always strive for the best quality leathers, the best fittings and linings. I will always have a laser cut element to my collection as this is my signature and I never want to lose this element. Price is also a key element for me, I always want the quality, with out a large price tag, I want the brand to be affordable to any lady who appreciates quality products.

What is your advice to aspiring accessory designers?

Becky: My advice for any aspiring accessories designers is to be true to yourself, trust your instinct and persevere even if things are getting tough, it’s a long road ahead and you have to keep going even when things look bleak. 

For more information on 'Sampson and Christie' see links below


All images used sourced from the Sampson and Christie Website


Tuesday 7 October 2014

Ss15 Fashion Weeks! - The round up!

After a month of amazing runway shows the global fashion festivities have come to an end (sigh). Over the last 4 weeks we have seen veteran models such as Naomi Campbell, brand favourites Jourdan Dunn and Cara Delavinge, as well as newbie model Kendall Jenner all stomp it fiercely on the runways, in designs from across the globe in New York, London, Milan and Paris - and just like that the looks for Ss15 were cemented.

First up – New York! The home of ‘Sex & the City’, and the fast pace of the subway.  Famous for their immaculately polished collections, New York is home for designers such as Michael Kors, Victoria Beckham and Zac Posen. My favourites from this year’s Ss15 showcase were of course Alexander Wang who showed off his sportswear influence, and great contouring skills with laser cut tennis skirts , beautifully printed cami top and fitted trousers. Others included Phillip Lim who always shows a particular love for panelling and playing with asymmetrical shapes in his silhouettes.

Next up – it was time for the rebels to have their say! – yes of course I mean London. The city where the designers will tell you exactly how they feel through their collections, leave the hems on their garments frayed and are completely unapologetic about it! *snaps finger*.  My favourite designs this year included looks from David Korma, Matthew Williamson, Burberry Prorsum and Holly Fulton.  

Milan Brought us flash, sass, and sexiness. My favourite collections hands down came from Roberto Cavalli with those ahmmmmaaaaazing prints, floating pleated skirts and bright colour palette. Emilio Pucci also blew my mind with beautifully digitally printed chiffon maxi dresses, and also mixed it up with more tailored 2 piece suits. I’m a fiend for colour so needless to say these collections brought a smile to my face.

Last but not least Paris, the place of grandeur and the home of couture where a dress that costs £10,000 is perfectly acceptable, and in my opinion worth every penny. I was literally gasping in awe when I saw collections from Elie Saab, Zuhair Murad and Chanel. One expression for all of these collections – Wow! It was great to see prints from Elie Saab along with his signature use of stunningly hand embellished lace dresses. Zuhair Murad gave me life with those print placement and laser cutting techniques on his gowns and sharply tailored jumpsuits. The Chanel collection was just brilliant, I loved that new modern twist on the tweed and for a fashion house that doesn’t usually use bright print, this was definitely a beautiful surprise, not to mention the unforgettable march about feminism at the end. Karl Lagerfeld you never disappoint.

 Bring on AW 15!

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