Tuesday 10 September 2019


Hello my lovelies Autumn is here and it is making no apologies for its presence. Two weeks ago it was a whopping thirty three degrees and now...well its more like thirteen degrees and I've had to switch on my central heating for the first time since May. Luckily for us London fashion week is round the corner and all of the trends to keep us warm from that Autumn Winter 19 chill have landed in the stores, and I have you covered for what must haves you need in your wardrobe this season.

1. 50 Shades Of Beige & Brown

These neutral tones have been all over the catwalk from 'Burberry', Max Mara and Fendi. Ladies if your'e not very confident with wearing bold colours, then wearing neutral tones in different textures is a step in the right direction, try a tapered trouser with a patent brown pump and a check blazer to smarten the whole thing up for a business meeting or make it casual with these gorgeous brown leather loafers.

2. Flower Power

The invasion of the flowers is here, we've seen florals done in a multitude of ways for many seasons, but now head to toe florals is the way too go according to brands like 'Erdem' and 'Richard Quinn'. A statement dress like this can be worn in the evening with a simple clutch bag and paired with this butterfly flat shoe.

3. Colour Blocking & Grandad Jumpers

I love a trench coat, they're light, they look sophisticated and tying the belt in the middle with the over sized lapels and deep pockets makes me feel very grown up. This season the colour yellow and colour blocking was in abundance from various brands. Pair this yellow coat for a casual weekend with a tapered trouser, a small bag which only allows you to carry the essentials, and pull it all together with a contrasting satin shirt and a sleek trainer for that stylish sports luxe look which is also very practical.

If you'd rather go for a warmer option then you can switch the satin shirt for an argyle knit  or your grandads jumper, you'll be cosy, on trend and stylish all at the same time.

Ladies remember you don't have to spend a fortune to be stylish, if you want to get these looks for less, try brands like 'Mark & Spencer', 'Asos' 'Zara' and 'Wallis' they are absolutely nailing the trends this season so treat yourself to something nice. Enjoy your week ladies! Xx


Sunday 8 September 2019

Love Box Festival 2019


Top: Pretty Little Thing
Shorts - Urban Outfitters
Shoes, Belt & Bumbag - Primark
Sunglasses - Topshop

A few months ago was the 'LoveBox' festival and I was so excited I'd never been to a festival before and my friend Sherelle called me and asked if I wanted to go this year and see Solange and I was like ummmm yes! I love Solange, to me she is an style icon, I love her aura her music and her activist work that she does with communities speaking on issues that affect people of colour, so to go and see her was a no brainer.

Luckily the weather was quite nice and I opted to wear this cold shoulder deep v striped blue top by pretty little thing; of course I had to wear some little ripped denim shorts which are a festival staple and accessorise with a three tiered silver necklace, some silver rings and some retro looking sunglasses.

I had such a good time it was literally like going to a concert and fun fair during the day, and my hot girl summer body diet went straight out the window when I had fish & chips, slushes and sugar coated doughnuts - totally worth it. Some of the best performances were by 'Loyale Carner' and 'JHUS', by my favourite performance by far was by Solange, performing her songs such as: 'Binz', 'Losing You', 'FUBU' and of course the favourite 'Don't Touch My Hair', what she did was nothing short of pure art. Solange gave us black girl magic, melanin realness, artistry and entertained all at the same time.

I loved the routines her and backing vocalists did, I loved what she was wearing, everything from start to finish was perfect. I left that day on such a high and I will definitely be at another festival again.


Wednesday 20 March 2019

White Maxi & Sock Boots


 Dress - Zara
Boots - Lasula

Hello my lovelies! Spring has definitely sprung with a lovely fifteen degrees and clear blue sky in Birmingham today, but despite the weather I am fighting a cold so I am completely covered up and downing multiple cups of lemon and honey tea until further notice. 

I still had to head out to resorts world today so I opted for this comfy knit maxi dress from Zara which they also do in black and is practically a steal at £25 .99. I looove this dress, it's effortlessly sexy hugging my curves and the black piping adds a sports luxe element to it which means this would look great with a pair of black and white vans for a day of running errands.

I decided to pair this dress for a peep toe sock boot because sometimes when you wear an ankle boot with a dress like this, the gap between the dress and the top of the boot can look a bit strange and the sock boot creates a smoothness to the outfit.

For accessories I went with a red metal drawstring bag to add a burst of colour, and for earring went with these gorgeous drop down circle earrings from the 'Freederm' concession in 'TopShop'.

Although I feeling all bunged up and stuffy with a cold, I am so grateful for life and that I have an incredible support system around me. Ladies (and guys if you're reading) remember life is short, enjoy it don't be so hard on yourself, and remember to be present and in the moment. Have a great weekend! :) xx


Tuesday 12 March 2019

March Must Have Favourites: Spring Outfit Inspo

Hello my Lovelies

I can't believe its March already! The new year is flying by and the weather cannot make up its mind about what it wants to do. This morning it was pouring with rain, was hailing and now its sunny like nothing ever happened. When the weather is like this it can be difficult to know what to wear, below I have put together four outfits for your spring wardrobe that are suitable for both the glorious sun and the slight chill in the air.

When dressing for spring its always great to have a fine knit jumper in your wardrobe that you can throw on, they are not to bulky and will keep you warm enough without a jacket. Paired with a pleated skirt it allows for ease and comfort, but this could also easily be worn to a fashion event. If you wanted to make this look more casual, instead of a pink shoe try it with a pair of crisp white Stan Smith trainers for that sports luxe look, a splash of colour from the shoes and a print from bag adds another dimension to the outfit.
This season I have been obsessed with jumpsuits and high waisted trousers, mainly because it's cold and I honestly can't be bothered to shave my legs to have them on show. Ladies if you want a fabulous alternative to jeans then maybe try a denim jumpsuit and dress it up with some block heels and a printed clutch.

Ladies if there is one thing that you need in your wardrobe this season it's a classic trench coat, the trench is a timeless transitional piece that can be worn from spring right through to autumn. Throw it on over a tank top for that extra layer, or wear it on your shoulders to chic up an outfit for an event, even styling it differently by tying it at the back to give it a different look, the trench is definitely a wardrobe staple.

Ladies I hope this has helped and inspired you in some way for you spring wardrobe, if you have any questions please do contact me and leave your comments below and I will get back to you. Be great, be epic and be fabulous! :) xx


Sunday 10 March 2019

Animal Print

Hi all and Happy Belated International Womens Day!

It's been a while since I uploaded so I thought I'd kick off March with a huge trend straight from the runway - animal print of course! Usually I am not an animal print person or a fan of mules, but then I came across this fabulous pair from River Island and I couldn't resist them. Today I headed out to support my sister who was speaking on the panel of a women's empowerment event at the dance exchange in Birmingham (so proud of her) and I thought this would be the perfect occasion for me to wear them too.

I decided to keep this outfit smart casual by wearing a black pair of Joni jeans from Topshop and honestly they are a godsend, I literally feel like I'm wearing leggings and are super flattering for my curves. I love a turtle neck with almost anything because I think they instantly make an outfit look more chic.

This layered necklace adds texture and a bit of shimmer to the outfit, and is also a great way to break up the amount of black I'm wearing. This lightweight gorgeous coat from Zara adds a burst of colour and is a great throw over piece for spring as an alternative to a heavier winter coat.

My accessories pull everything together, ladies if you don't want to go completely crazy with animal print, then inject it into your wardrobe with the use of accessories like handbags, shoes or sunglasses like I have here.

My red sunglasses I wore just to be extra, I thought why not? Life is far to short for my outfits to be boring. Ladies have a fantastic week, be fearless, be fabulous and be amazing! :) xx


Wednesday 13 February 2019

Gucci Is Cancelled? Black Face - An Ignorant Mistake / Twisted Marketing Strategy? Lets Talk

So its 2019...2019 and we are still dealing with the ignorant bullshit that unfortunately we can't seem to escape - it's a shame to say that in 2019 all forms of racism are unfortuantely still alive and well. From Liam Neeson recently expressing in an interview that he wanted to 'kill black bastards' by his own admission, to the brand 'Monclear' who released a whole Golliwog clothing collection in 2016 (I cannot make this up) there is a lot that happens to black people that we have to navigate through overtly and covertly in daily life and the workplace, but what happens when racism is visually blatant in fashion? Are there repercussions? What do we do in the face of this kind of injustice where we are often made to feel that if we complain we are overreacting to a 'simple oversight' that can be fixed with an insincere five line paragraph apology?
The latest fashion house to create a ridiculous campaign which features a white model wearing an item of clothing that resembles black face is 'Gucci', who have since had to pull the item from their site amidst over whelming back lash (and so they should). Various music artists took to social media to express their anger and frustrations.

Dapper Dan - Fashion Designer
Russel Simmons

To put this into context for people reading this who may be struggling to understand why black face is racist and so offensive. Blackface holds its origins in the 1830's when minstrel shows debuted, when white actors would use burned cork or shoe polish to paint their faces black and perform shows to an aristocrtaic audience mocking black people and acting out stereotypes of black slaves. This foul practice was extremely popular in the southern states of America and amongst American Nazis. According to an article by Ferris Sate University, The Golliwogg created in England in 1895 also known as the 'Negro Minstrel Doll' became the face of minstrel shows and was largely popular amongst Europeans, portrayed as having black skin with huge thick lips, a loveable character that was 'hideous and had unruly hair' looked 'distorted' and 'frightening'. With all of this history it is astounding that this brand would think this is ok, and whilst fashion is about seeing how far you can push the creative boundaries there is a fine line between creativity and bullshit.

Gucci 2019 campaign Vs Minstrel show poster 1840's

I am personally disappointed and disgusted with the brand, but I am not at all surprised. Fashion has a history of being entrenched with racism. From the first black supermodel Naomi Sims being rejected from countless agencies because her skin was 'too dark', to some designers outrightly saying they do not want any black models in their shows, this latest slap in face campaign from 'Gucci' proves that there is still a long way to go. Although integral black figures like Edward Enniful (Editor in chief of British Vogue), Virgil Abloh (Artistic director of menswear at Louis Vuitton) and Naomi Campbell (supermodel) are household names in fashion, they are still anomalies in an industry where only 6% of the professionals are black, and less than 1% have graced covers like Vogue since its launch in 1892 - this is a serious issue, and not only that, its disturbing.

Naomi Sims the first black supermodel

I think the biggest issue in fashion is that currently the industry wants to appear diverse but it doesn't actually want to be diverse. It's not enough to have Virgil Abloh or Ozwald Boateng be the faces of black designers in the industry, the issue is far more deep rooted than that. There needs to be more black professionals in all areas of fashion, in design, in the recruitment office, in HR, in marketing, in the fashion cupboards at magazines, in styling, in photography, in editing, art directing, in hair and makeup.

I have personally experienced going for interviews in both high street suppliers and high end fashion brands for design interviews and whilst walking through their lofty open plan offices have not seen a single person of colour or a black person, and walking into the interview room knowing in the back of my head that although I am a bad ass designer, they have no one in their offices that looks like me. This Gucci campaign reinforces why it is imperative that both luxury and high street fashion companies create an inclusive atmosphere and diversify their staff, because then incidents like this could be avoided altogether if they had a different perspective on why a campaign like this is just plain wrong and unacceptable.

On one hand this can be viewed as stupidity and ignorance, and on the other hand I feel that many of these brands are purposely doing this in order for their campaigns to go viral because lets face it, bad press is still press, and a design has to go through senior designers and a marketing team before it is signed off for release, so I don't believe for one minute that this is an innocent mistake. This incident reminds of the Pepsi scandal where Kendall Jenner seemingly ends racism with a can of Pepsi (the audacity), and after issuing a weak ass apology the company had an alternative version of the advert lined up and ready to go. It really makes you wonder how far a company will go to promote their product.

*Sigh* In conclusion is cancelling brands like 'Gucci' and 'Monclear' the right solution? I think so, I have never purchased any of their products and I will not be purchasing any of their products in the future. I think the bigger question is why do we want to be validated by these brands so badly in the first place? I think its a mixture of social acceptance, and a symbol of hierarchy social status to covey to others that you can afford exclusive things that others cannot - not necessarily because we like the item or that its nice. What I would prefer is if black consumers stopped promoting and wearing brands that do racist things like this and started promoting and wearing black owned brands. Its not enough to cancel people, I think that the whole fashion industry really needs to educate themselves on history, it needs a complete restructure and the industry needs to abandon a lot of their archaic and biased views in order for there to be any real progression, and until that happens I think more incidents like this will unfortunately continue to occur. The best advice that I can give to anyone reading this is, take the time to research the brands you are spending money on, because the only way to really impact them is to hit their pockets and not spend with them.

Have a good week my loves, love the skin you are in, and remember to go where you're celebrated, not where you're tolerated. xx


Tuesday 22 January 2019

Shoes Glorious Shoes! #ad

Aaahhh Shoes Glorious shoes, those little fabulous things that get us from A to B but most importantly makes us feel fabulous when we have on the right pair. A pair of shoes can elevate an outfit, look cute on your shelf or do wonders for your confidence making you feel like a boss lady who can take on the world! Well - maybe it's not like that for most of you - but for me - honey - shoes are EVERYTHING! so when FSJshoes wanted to collaborate on a post, it was a no brainer.

Shoes are my all time favourite accessory to buy for myself (you think Beck Bloomwood from the 'Confessions of a shopaholic' film is bad - I'm worse). Having said that it's dry January month for me and I'm not buying any shoes but I can still look at them, so I browsed through the FSJ website and concluded that these were my faves.

I love a pointed shoe, there is just something about them that looks sexy, sophisticated and like you mean business all at the same time. If you're not into wearing heels then the site has an impressive range of vintage shoes and brogues in an array of colours made of leather & vegan leather to tickle your fancy.

In conclusion life is far to short to wear boring shoes, so do yourself a favour, treat yourself and get a fab pair! Have a good week readers! xx :)

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