Tuesday 31 May 2016

2 Smart Casual Outfits

Hi all,

Every now and again I like to film my style post so you can see how they look in motion. This week I've done a quick video on a smart casual outfit, and a sexy casual outfit. Be sure to let me know which one you like best - Enjoy! :)


Sunday 22 May 2016

Simplicity - Blue Biker Jacket & White Shirt


Biker Jacket - H&M
Shirt - George Asda
Jeans - TopShop
Shoes - Zara

I cannot believe it is nearly the end of May already, seriously where is the time going! Today was part spent at my design studio, and then dinner at a restaurant with the family. I honestly didn't feel like going all out with the colour like I usually do (weird right?) I decided to keep this outfit quite neutral with just pops of colour here and there.

I completely love this biker jacket that I picked up from H&M for £20 in the sale (reduced from £40), it's a really great way of adding a bit of edge to the outfit.

I always say that a good ole white shirt never goes out of style, it is a classic staple that should be in every womans wardrobe, and it can be paired with literally anything.

You know I can't completely cut out the colour (it's ingrained in me) and this pop from the red is a nice statement to break up the blue.

I decided to accessorise with this pretty flower necklace from Dorothy Perkins who do affordable costume jewellery that will help bring your outfit to life with out crippling your pocket.

I'm back it again with the bargain heels lol I bought this beautiful pair of cobalt blue sandals from Zara (of course) for £19.99, they are so comfortable I was literally running in these with no problem at all. They are great for dressing up a casual outfit like this.

Claps for my shoes YAAASSSS!!! 



Friday 13 May 2016

Shara's Friday Fashion Fix!

Hi All!

For those of you that don't know I have a fashion segment of BBCWM radio called 'Shara's Friday Fashion Fix' that I've been doing since October 2015, where I talk with the show host 'Richie Anderson' about the latest fashion trends. Last week we asked women of the public what their fashion questions were I thought it would be great for me to share my advice with you and hopefully this will help you too - Enjoy! :)

Me in the BBC WM studio with Richie Anderson

Questions from the ladies of the public

What can I wear to BBQ or a garden party?    - Pippa

As the weather gets warmer I think key items like a summer skater dress or shift dress are great because they’re light, airy and fun. If you’re not a dress person, I think a pair of linen trousers are great because the fabric still allows your legs to breath, and last but not least, if in doubt wear a maxi . I think maxi dresses in general look great on every one no matter what body shape you have or if your tall or short, maxi dresses look great.

What shoes can I wear that are suitable for weather that keeps changing? - Gillian

 I think this is an excellent question because we have typical British weather, it was snowing last week and now the sun is blazing, but it may get cold again. For the ladies I would advise that the key shoe in your wardrobe for Spring should be a shoe boot, it’s like a hybrid of both an ankle boot and a shoe. These are great because they’re a really good transition shoe throughout the seasons, they come up just to the ankle and usually have a peep toe or cut outs at the back or sides. You can pick up a lovely pair of shoe boots from shops such as: Dorothy Perkins for £22 - £25 most places are in mid - season sale so a lot of them have 20 % off. For Men I think desert boots are great shoes, these are typically made of suede and they’re great for keeping the feet warm on days wear it gets chilli, but it’s also a lightweight shoe so your feet won’t feel hot and stuffy when it starts getting warmer.

Where can I buy shoes that sell shoes for wide feet or flat feet? - Shadeesh

This is a very common issue that a lot of women have, and shopping for new shoes can be disheartening when you have wider feet, and as the weather get warmer its more common that your feet will expand / swell. Shops that do great wide fit ranges are ‘Dorothy Perkins’, New Look for around £15 - £35, if you have triple E wide feet and are looking for a comfortable shoe, shops like JD Williams and Evans are great, but if you are looking for fashion forward styles then places like Asos do a very good wide range as well, and equally if you do want a more premium finished and quality shoes and don’t mind spending more money, then brands like NINE WEST also do a very good wide fit range.  

What can I do to spruce up my wardrobe for spring for less than £20?  - Amber, 31

Sometimes people assume that you need to spend a fortune to spruce up your wardrobe and you don’t. Sprucing up your wardrobe can be as simple as buying yourself a new fragrance. Zara do amazing fragrances for between £5 - £10 and they smell just as good as the designer ones. If you want to stay on a budget you can also be creative with it and do some D.I.Y, maybe buy take that plain white shirt / summer dress in your wardrobe get yourself some Dylon dye for £4.00 and dye it a different colour, go to the market get some different buttons and have the old buttons on your shirt or jacket replaced, I think people would be surprised at how much difference things like that would make. Or as I mentioned earlier a lot of stores are still having their mid season sales and you definitely pick up a pair of sandals from places like Primark and Zara for between £10 - £18


Sunday 8 May 2016

OOTD - Style Video

Hi All,

Last week I shared my style post called think pink featuring the lovely jacket I had made, and I thought I'd share it in a video as well - Enjoy! :)

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