Sunday 21 May 2017

Neutral Tones


Blouse - Pretty Little Thing
Trousers - H&M
Shoes - Zara
Over Coat - Zara

Hi my lovelies!

I'm in my home town of Birmingham for the next few days, and honestly this week hasn't been the easiest of weeks for me (tales of a reserved soul lol). On top of that I've been ill, my nose has betrayed me and won't let me live or breathe (literally). The only place I like to be when I'm ill, is near my mom - yep! At the age of twenty something years old nothing can compare to the familiarity of home when not feeling at your best.

For the last two days I've been in my pyjamas with lemon and honey in my bed trying to recover, but today I got glam and went out to enjoy the sunshine, and honestly it did me the world of good to get some fresh air! I feel like the neutral colour palette of my outfit this week is strongly reflective of my mood - just taking it easy and actually quite vulnerable.

These linen trousers are a great spring option that can transition you right the way through to summer, they sinch in at the waist to create more of an hourglass, they're smart enough for a work look, and best of all they are breathable so you won't be crying to get out of them when it hits 23 degrees.

This fabulous pyjama blouse with over sized lapels is a great option if you don't want the chore of wearing a coat when it gets warm. 

As mentioned in my previous post 'Grey & Happiness' you can never go wrong with an overcoat, they instantly add a sophistication to any outfit. However this gorgeous blue one right here, this is GORGEOUS! I snagged this for a bargain price of £20 in Zara. I love it because its light weight, a beautiful colour, and fits true to size.

Finally, these nude shoes are honestly one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes I own (no exaggeration), usually I find wearing patent shoes too tight, but I've had these for about two years, and they have served me so well, and I especially love the strap design.

In conclusion my lovelies, when your feeling ill, down or what ever the case may be, don't just sit in your pyjamas, get up, go and get some fresh air :)

Sunday 14 May 2017

My Zaful Wishlist: The Black Mini Dress

Hi my lovelies!

It's been a minute since I've done any kind of wish list, and I've been on the hunt for a black mini dress or cowl neck dress to wear to those unexpected events that crop up every now and again. My motto is you should always have a little black dress in your wardrobe that can be suited to any occasion, so when I came across the Zaful website full of fabulous spring options for a twenty something such as myself, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to get lost in the fashion and put some looks together.

Dresses from Zaful, styled in looks by me (Shara)

If styled in a generic way a black dress can look quite plain, so when choosing a black dress for myself I always try to think of texture, silhouette, and a bold colourful shoe and bag to create that statement outfit. One of my favourite looks out of these styles, is this velvet key hole dress, which is a great piece that you can dress up with a flirty mule for a sexy date look, or you can casual down with a pair of sliders and a tote bag to run around during the day.

I believe the main reasons why having a black dress in your wardrobe is such a staple is because, in a black dress you are never over dressed or under dressed, black is slimming, and it's that multipurpose colour that just goes with EVERYTHING! So ladies, head over to Zaful and check out some of their key pieces - Enjoy!

Dresses Included above are are linked below in order of appearance:

Key hole skater dress
Large Sequin Dress
Black sequin / shiny dress
 V Neck Jumper Dress
Black & white off the shoulder dress
Multi coloured Jumper Dress

Tuesday 9 May 2017

Purple Haze - My new Illustration

Hi All! 

So I don't have a major speech or a deep and meaningful caption for this illustration, I just had the sudden urge to draw something fabulous lol. I love being able to just sit and doodle on my sketch pad and experiment with clashing prints, and that's what I did. I can definitely see Erykah Badu in it. :)


Sunday 7 May 2017

Greys & Happiness


Top - Zara
Jeans - Topshop
Shoes - Aldo
Coat - Topshop (Old)

Hello my lovelies!

Again it's been a while since I've uploaded  a post, and quite honestly I feel like I've been going through an emotional and spiritual transition. I went to church today and the message was about, celebrating your incremental success. Celebrating yourself at each stage / phase of your journey e.g (career, finances, relationship, fitness goals), you may not be where you want to be, but those little steps you take of incremental success e.g hard work, discipline and a daily routine, will eventually result in outward monumental success (recognised and celebrated by others).

Taking incremental steps towards success is what makes monumental success sustainable, and without it, the huge 'success' we often want won't last. Honestly my mind was blown at church today and it was the energy top up I needed for the start of what I believe is going to be a prosperous week. I left church feeling so happy I wanted my boyfriend to take pictures of  me (as you do).

Today's outfit was sleek and simple, mainly in grey which is shocking for me, I'm usually in a bright colour,nevertheless today's colour palette was very muted. I think there is something effortlessly chic about a simple turtle neck and jeans in the same colour  but in different shades.

This outfit shows off my curves whilst still keeping it classy, (not everyday show skin lol) and is accessorised with a simple necklace, and a fabulous taupe suede pair of shoes from Aldo.

I am obsessed with these shoes, I love the colour, I love the point, I loved the price (they were only £14 Hallelu! *church stomp*)  BUT - they're not comfortable! I am hoping they just need breaking in a bit more, because there is nothing worse than having a fabulous pair of shoes you can't wear.

A boyfriend coat is nearly always a great throw over piece to finish the over all look for an outfit like this, relaxed, effortless and fierce!

I really would like to encourage whoever is reading this to celebrate yourself more, be proud of the little steps you take towards your big goals be disciplined, and don't condemn yourself for not reaching your big goals straight away, prepare yourself for them so that your big goals sustain when you get there.

Rome wasn't built in a day - it was built one brick at a time. :) xx

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