Sunday 30 November 2014

RED Alert!

Today was yet another chilli day in the wonderful city of Birmingham, but I was very happy because  my outfit brightened up the day, who says your you can't rock bright colours during winter? Not to mention I got some great bargains over the weekend.

I love this showstopper red coat from 'Matalan' (£30), which is great for layering an outfit and adding structure. You could literally have on a very basic outfit e.g black skinny jeans with a black turtle neck, and this red coat would be a great statement piece to finish it off. The oversized lapels create a lovely formal look without trying to hard.

As usual I of course have on a shirt. I decided to go with this aztec style printed shirt today that I got for £5 at the vinatge shop 'Rokit' in 'Covent Gardens'. I decided to go with a printed shirt because I had on a huge block of colour and it would give a nice break to the outfit.

I was so excited about my jeans! I couldn't believe it when I bought them in the sale at wait for it...£3! YES you are reading correctly £3! I snatched those jeans and went straight to the till lol. The Jeans are 'BDG' from Urban Outfitters and are so comfortable. They are honestly the most comfortable pair of jeans I've ever owned and the fit on them are better than my ones from H&M which I'm always raving about.

Advice: Girls with the small waist and big hips, BDG jeans are definitley worth a try. Urban Outfitters have a range of different colours, and these jeans have a very good stretch on them.

I kept my accessories very minimal today, I had enough going on with the print and the coat so I just went with  a flower statement ring from 'Lollapalooza by Dee'.

I went for court shoes today, I thought the length of the coat and tightness of the jeans would look great with a pointy shoe. I love these courts from Zara (£19.99) which tie in nicely with my shirt and make me look like I'm ready for business. #teambossy


Sunday 23 November 2014

Printed Slacks & White Shirt

Today's weather wasn't the greatest but the Autumn leaves had turned such a pretty warm colour, I thought that they would provide the perfect back drop for my outfit, which was very red and brown today.

My cropped Mohair jumper which my mom actually made for me is fabulous! Its so warm. As long as I'm wearing a top underneath with a shirt I don't need a coat with this because it gets very hot.

As you've probably gathered by now, I love wearing shirts because they help break up an outfit whenever I wear clashing colours or prints together. I like to wear these white shirts because they go with nearly everything and are a great base to add accessories onto. This one I got from 'George' Asda for £5.99 for a pack of two.

Next my trousers :) They make me so happy. I love this print which contrasts very nicely against the texture of the mohair. I also have these in a floral print and got both pairs at H&M for £14.99 each. The fit on these are great and would also look great as part of your spring summer wardrobe with a tank a plain tank top.

A lot of the time I find that its the accessories that actually pull a whole outfit together. In this case its my trustee gold necklace that sits nicely just underneath the collar and heart shaped ring by Lollapalooza by Dee (£15). My red bangle adds another dimension and to the outfit, whilst my bag from Urban Outfitters (£20), compliments the outfit nicely . I really like the chain strap on this bag which can also be detached and turns the bag into a little clutch.

My shoes (£24) are from Dorothy Perkins which along side Zara is my second favourite place to buy shoes from. The shoes from DP are very comfortable and always stylish at a good price.


Friday 21 November 2014

Fashion Fix Friday: The 'Shopaholic' Book series by Sophie Kinsella

Hi guys! Although most of my fashion fixes are from clothes or shoes, sometimes they come from books, and in particular 'Sophie Kinsella' books and her series called ‘Shopaholic’. I like to read these snuggled up in my onesie with a cup of hot chocolate.

Sophie Kinsella’s style of writing makes me feel as if I know the character personally. The main character in the books ‘Becky Bloomwood’ a twenty something year old lady, loves to shop, and sometimes – no all the time gets into trouble with her spending habits. However she always finds a way to make things work and has an amazing positive attitude. 

She has great taste in clothing, loves designer brands, and has the same problem as me when she sees something she likes but literally has to sometimes force herself not to buy it because she doesn’t need or can’t afford it (story of my life with shoes). Although the way I’m describing the book may sound a bit superficial, it is far from it. Each Shopaholic book describes Becky juggling different areas and struggles in her life such as: Climbing the career ladder, pleasing her parents, balancing finances (terribly), relationship issues, contemplating getting married… pretty much what most twenty - somethings go through. If you want a good laugh, escapism and a fashion fix without spending much, these books are certainly the way to go.

Another book I love by Sophie Kinsella is ‘The Undomestic Goddess’. A book about a strong independent high powered lawyer, who loves to wear top knots, sharply tailored two piece suits, and is at the height of her career.  Unexpectedly she gets fired and is forced to explore life from a different perspective. She realises she is actually much happier without the mountain of stress on her shoulders. I love this book because it shows that although she was a powerful woman in her field, she spent all of her time at a desk and wasn’t living - she was existing. This book taught me that it’s ok too be at the top of your career, but not to neglect yourself and forget to enjoy living life at the same time.

So ladies get in your onesie, snuggle up, make a cup of hot chocolate and get reading :)

Now all I need to do is get my hands on her new book 'Shopaholic to the stars' eek! I'm so excited to read this when it comes out!


Wednesday 19 November 2014

Ringz n Thingz

Usually I don't wear rings - but that was before I discovered the emerging jewellery brand 'Lollapalooza by Dee' ('LBD Gems' for short) and since then I've been hooked! I wear them nearly every day and have them on in nearly in every style blog post I've done. They're just so me! Bold, statement and colourful. All of these jewel enamel rings are handmade and gleamed which make them even more unique.

Here are a few of my favourite rings below that I'm wearing right now.

                                                                                             The Square ring

I loooove these square rings they just literally snatch the attention of everyone. I particularly like the embossed patterns that have been molded onto the surface which give the rings quite a retro look and just adds another texture and design detail to them.

                                                                                           The Circle Ring

These circle rings are just great and look very pretty with softer drapier clothing such as skater skirts or a dress coat. These rings create such a statement that you don't really need any other add on accessories around your hand like bangles or watches.

                                                                                            The Butterfly Ring

Last but by no means least, the butterfly ring. AWW look how beautiful they are. These rings are the perfect compliment to your outfit during the summer months, and the tiny pop of colour that you need during the winter months. I like the shape and again hand painted gold over the top which really brings out the ring design detail.

                                                                                           The Flower ring

As a customer I really appreciate how much thought that 'Lollapalooza by Dee' have put into there products. I think it's safe to say I am now a satisfied loyal customer.

If you would like to find out more about 'Lollapalooza by Dee' you can find them on their Twitter page here:

Twitter Page:


Sunday 16 November 2014

Floral Coats & Cut out Ankle Boots

Today I woke up to grey skies and spitting rain as I was about to go on my errands for the day, so what do I do? I wear my colours of course! I always think well its grey and dreary so I might as well brighten the place up a bit whilst still dressing practical for the season.

First things first my jeggings, I firmly believe that a good pair of plain blue or black jeggings / jeans can be a good base for any outfit, whether you want to keep it simple or pair them with some prints or block colour. My jeggings are from good old faithful H&M (they never fail me) at £12.99. These jeggings weren’t made with belt loops so were slightly cheaper than the £14.99 ones I usually wear.

I love my shirt. I got it from a vintage shop called ‘Rokit’ in Covent Garden in London about a year a half ago for £3 and it has served me so well. ‘Rokit’ sell amazing vintage clothes so if you’re about in ‘Covent garden’ pop in and see what you think. Although I love the colour of this shirt, I particularly like the length and the over sized collar I feel like these elements give it a bit more character which makes an outfit more interesting to look at. It also has these beautiful details on the cuff.

This turquoise colour nailvarnish by 'Miss Sporty' is actually my favourite to wear at the moment. I love the vibrancy of it and it surprisingly lasts a long time. My hands always feel empty when I’m not wearing a ring recently, so my favourite statement rings to wear right now are these beautiful hand made rings by jewellery company LBD Gems – and its great for me because the rings come in different colours and variations - whoop!

This dress coat from Peacocks was a must wear today and yet another piece pulled out of my wardrobe archive. It’s a great transitional coat with lovely detailing at the top, the waist belt is great because I can wear this open or pull it in at the waist to create a full volume look at the bottom.

Can we just discuss my ankle boots for a second please. Zara has come through for me once again with these gorgeous £30 cut out ankle boots. I've needed ankle boots for some time but didn't want ones that were to high. These block heels make them good for every day casual wear and are perfect for winter with the deep grips that are on the shoe soles.
My Autumn print frenzy is complete :)

Friday 14 November 2014

Fashion Fix Friday: The Winter Coat

There are always items of clothing that I would like to buy and do own (in my mind lol), I’ve been labelled a shopaholic quite a few times. Unfortunately I am not always able to purchase, so I’ve decided to call this series of blog posts my ‘Fashion Fix Friday’.

This week on my travels I have seen some beeeaauuttiful outer wear and because winter is practically upon us I thought it fitting that this week’s fashion fix is coats.

First up is this beautiful bus red double breasted coat from Zara. I’m obsessed with Zara! They always do these beautifully tailored outwear pieces that sit so nicely on the body and the garment finish is always on point. At £129 I think that this coat is worth every penny.

Next up the cheap and cheerful coat from ‘Primark’ or as I like to call it ‘Primarni’, because whilst you may be spending on a budget, you can find some great purchases at Primark for a brilliant price. Such as this lovely baby blue oversized boyfriend coat. I tried this on and it was amazing! I was very surprised by the quality of it and it was a bargain at £25. On second thoughts – I think I may have to take another trip to ‘Primark’ to see if it’s still there!

And that ladies and gentlemen is Fashion Fix Friday J


Thursday 13 November 2014

'Capitalize' Ss15 Press day

Immaculate surroundings, tasty canap├ęs, and of course fabulous fashion brands were what awaited my fellow blogger Nikita and I as we entered the beautifully presented 'Capitalize Ss15' press day that took place at the 'ICE Tank Studio' in London on November 6th

The first thing that immediately caught my eye were the stunning gowns by brand ‘Dynasty’, who specialise in British evening wear. Currently selling three ranges including: 'Dynasty', ‘Yasmin’ catering to a younger audience and their plus size range ‘Vivianna’. 

All dresses are meticulously finished by hand with beautiful embellishment; having dressed celebrities such as Sophie Ellis Bextor, we can see why anyone would be the envy of the ball in one of their gowns.

The ballet shoe display by ‘Cocorose’ was gorgeous! These are shoes that literally every girl needs as part of her collection.  Specifically designed to fold up and be put into a compact little bag, they are perfect for when you’ve been on a night out and need something to relieve you from your heels. With different colour ways and ballet styles, there is a pair for every outfit that will slip nicely in your handbag.

L.A based brand ‘Mistress Rocks’ are for that fun loving girl who likes to strut her stuff. The Ss15 collection consists of sassy mesh panelled body con dresses,and more formal items such as blazers. I loved the packaging from ‘Mistress Rocks’, I wanted to buy something just so I could have the box.

         Mistress Rocks Ss15

 Now onto my favourite subject - Shoes! I literally gasped when I saw the shoe wall by brand 'United Nude'. Inspired by architecture and their trademark use of geometric shapes, this trend setter brand has carved their own identity in the shoe industry. With shoes like these its no wonder that none other than Lady Gaga has been spotted wearing them, and starting at £60 there is no excuse for any person's feet to not look fabulous.

             'United Nude' Shoes

Black heels worn by Lady Gaga
Other highlights of the event included new Mens Wear brand 'Open', whose 'No nonsense' approach to fashion provides a great range of lifestyle clothing, footwear and accessories for men that want a fair balance of quality and price. Trading in stores nationwide, this ageless brand seems as if its here to stay.


These Fabulous bags from 'The Bridge' allow you to travel in style! Made from warm resistant leather, theses beautifully crafted bags come in various shapes and sizes, one for every occasion. If you're a Jett setter then this brand is for you. I personally loved the rain blue 'Borsone travel bag', if I were styling this with an outfit, I would keep it very simple and let the bag do all the talking.

The Bridge 'Rain Dark Blue / Brown Travel bag - £526

After looking at the brands it was time for pampering! (yyyyyayyyy). So whilst sipping on glasses of champagne, Nikita and I got luxury hand tattoos done by brand 'Seekers of the Sun'. They were so quick to apply and all you need is water!

                                                                          'Seekers of Sun' Luxury tattoo

Over all I had a fantastic day and left all smiles! :D

Saturday 8 November 2014

Mohair and Florals

Once again I was off to the big smoke (London) for a press event in Covent garden. I wont lie as soon as I got to the 'Euston' train station I was so excited to be back amongst the hustle and bustle of the capital. However the weather had reminded me that Winter has most definitely began and that sharp freezing breeze was no joke, so I layered up!

As you've probably noticed by now, I'm a fiend for bright colours and prints, so when I came across these marevellous floral printed trousers in H&M for £14.99 they needed to be in my wardrobe. At first glance they may appear to scream spring/summer, however when paired with the right items like this teal mohair jumper or even a basic long sleeved black / white top (if you prefer a more subtle approach) they can slot right into your winter wardrobe, and the fit on them is everything! (I bought them in two other colours as well - don't judge me lol)

As for this H&M mohair jumper (praise the lord) it is sooooo warm. I was genuinely surprised by how warm it was. I didn't want to wear a coat that was too heavy and wore a long sleeved plain white shirt from 'George' Asda at £5.99 for a pack of two. The shirt not only kept extra warmth in and gives a preppy look, but also creates a break in the outfit between the floral print and the mohair.  
My accessories such as my ring and necklace are both by the emerging Jewellery brand LBD Gems ,which are great bold statement pieces. The flower ring especially goes well with my temporary luxury tattoo that I had done by +Seekers of  Sun tying the whole outfit together. 

My go to pink boyfriend coat from Zara has got to be one of my best bargain buys ever at £12.99, yes - you read correctly - £12.99! I snatched that coat up and bought it so quick!

Honestly on this day I really didn't feel like wearing any heels, so I decided to keep it smart and go with my suede 'Deena & Ozzy' shoes; which are very comfortable and suitable for almost every occasion. The lovely gold platings on the top of the shoes are a great design detail.

Moral of this post, just because we are going into winter, it doesn't mean you have to be restricted to wearing dark or dreary colours. I love me some pink!

Sunday 2 November 2014

Back to the 90's!

(8) THIS IS HOW WE DO IT, IT'S FRIDAY NIIIGGGGHHHHT! (8) *Montell Jordan voice*
That was how everyone felt two weeks ago as my little sister celebrated her stylish 21st birthday by having a 90's themed party! The requirement was for everyone to come dressed from the 90's, so you know me, being the princess that I am had to go alllllll the way in and do it justice!
Sister's Friends & Family at birthday party in 90's dress

First stop was to make sure I got the clothing and colours right, so I stopped off at the best vintage shop in Birmingham - 'Cow Vintage'. I picked up this ah-mazing multi-coloured shirt for just £15 and I'd already decided that I was going for the fitted Hilary look (from

Fresh Prince of Belair) mixed with a bit of En Vouge. I wore the shirt the 90's way by having a little crop top on underneath it and only doing the top button up.

                                           Moi and Stephen                                           Me and my older sister

Next on the list was accessories, so it was off the Birmingham indoor market for those. I got a pink bandanna at £1, these huge gold hoop earrings for £4.00 and this gold chain for £4.00 also, who says you can't shop on a budget? (stick with me girls and I'll teach you a thing or two about bargain hunting lol)
                          Meeee                                                                      Me and my sisters taking a selfie

With my outfit almost complete, the most important part of the outfit - shoes! I already had these fabulous multi-coloured wedges from Ebay at £14.99 that would pull the outfit together perfectly, however I knew I wouldn't last all night in those - especially if I was going to be going innnnnn on the dance floor, I also decided to wear these metallic silver pumps that I got from Primark for just £7 which are super comfortable and I actually wear a lot now. 


Lastly was the typical red 90's lipstick that I picked up from 'Superdrug' a huge smile, and energy to dance. I had a great time at my sister's party - she had a wale of time, we literally danced all night! My older sister channeled the rapper 'Da Brat', and put her hair in twists and wore over sized jeans. My little sister - well she just came as herself - she literally dresses like this everyday with her colourful braids and huge personality. This was certainly a night to remember - we definitely looked and partied like it was 1999!
                                                              The Birthday Girl!

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