Friday 21 February 2020


Hello my lovelies!

Let me start off by saying welcome back to my blog! I feel like its been a while since I've really been consistent with my blog posts. Between my styling job and just living life I needed a bit of a hiatus to concentrate on what I was doing and some time to reflect. In September my Mr and I decided to travel to the beautiful country of Mexico where we stayed in the authentic city of Puerto Vallarta on the Pacific Coast.

The 33 degree weather and endless green landscapes of nature were absolutely breathtaking, the food was delicious and our stay was jam packed with excursions, exploring and lots of late night entertainment. Check out my vlog below too see everything my Mr and I got up to.

We went to a famous part of Peurto Vallarta called the 'Malecon' which is Spanish for the 'Boardwalk' which had all of the clubs, bars, restaurants and lots of interesting market stalls selling everything from clothing, jewellery and paintings done with coffee beans.

My absolute favourite part of our holiday was visiting a private island one hour away from our hotel by speed boat called 'Las Caletas' - it was amazing! I sat in a hammock, went in the sea, drank from a coconut, fed a sea lion, held a monkey and kissed a parrot! Be warned you will see some insects and lizards that you have never seen before, and you WILL put on weight when you go to Mexico because the food is just incredible.

We also had the pleasure of seeing a theatre performance called 'Rhythms Of The Night', think fire breathing, over sized costumes, acrobats, singers dancers and contortionists with lots of lights and colour, IT WAS AWSOME! And to end the night we had a candle lit dinner in the middle of a warm thunder storm in a thatched restaurant whilst one of the entertainers played the guitar and sang - honestly it is probably the most romantic dinner I've ever had.

Our second to last day was spent doing an active adventure tour where we abseiled down the side of water falls and zip lined across a rainforest, I scared out of my mind but I'm glad I challenged myself and did it, and I'm happy I did because it was so much fun. The journey to the adventure tour was a great eye opener to see authentic Mexico and how people live, from fishing villages to people living in the hills.

Over all I had the most amazing holiday in Mexico, words cannot describe how happy I felt when I was there, and I got to experience it with the person that makes me the happiest :)


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  1. Your holiday in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and adventure on the island of 'Las Caletas' looks amazing! It looks and sounds like it was lovely even with the bit of heavy rain.
    Your photos and video are a treat to look at and watch.
    It looks delightful there, and you looked stunning (as usual) in all of your outfit and swimsuit photos and throughout your video. I love the turquoise nailpolish you were wearing.

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