Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Christmas Bake Day with Bae!

Hi Guys!

First of all let me apologise for being completely awol for the last couple of weeks, work had literally taken over my life for a second leaving me no time to blog, and when I did find the time the weather was completely crap (This is England after all, and like the people - it's unpredictable). 

But It's nearly Christmas! Can you believe it? I honestly cannot believe that the year has gone by so fast, and honestly I haven't been feeling all that festive this year - that is until my boo came to see me - eek! I was so excited I decided that we should be festive, get our aprons on and do some baking (my idea not his, he was not here for the baking at all loool).

To be honest everything certainly did not get off to a great start, we completely messed up the frosting and couldn't use it, and ended up doing red velvet cupcakes without frosting (shocking I know)

, We didn't get deterred though, we just turned up the volume on the Christmas playlist which included the B2K version of 'Jingle Bells', Destinys Child '8 days of Christmas', TLC 'Sleigh Ride' Joe 'This Christmas' and some good old Kirk Franklin (my boyfriend was going in with some dancing as well lool).

By the time we got to cutting out the cookies, we were literally in a competition on who could make the best star, he thinks his stars were better than mine, but we all know that is not true. I was so excited for them to come out of the oven - and they looked a mess, they didn't look like stars at all lol, but when all else fails - Improvise!

We (or I rather) decided to do Christmas sundaes! When things don't go to plan, be imaginative and innovate! I broke apart the red velvet cupcakes for the first layer of the desert, and then put vanilla ice cream on top, then another layer of our hot mess (but tastey) cookies, then more icecream and topped it off with whipped cream. If you don't have a sweet tooth this is definitely not for you , otherwise its just YAASSSSSS!

(I secretly think he was trying to hide his apron lol)

Over all I just had so much fun for the whole day. Honestly I didn't really care that everything didn't go to plan, I was just happy to be spending time with the man in my life that makes me feel special. That's what Christmas is all about guys! Its not about how much you spend on someone, it's about spending time, creating moments and having fun with the ones you love.

Not everyday Fashion, sometimes, just spend time bonding with the ones that matter and creating memories. Happy Christmas! :)


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