Wednesday 24 June 2020



Jacket - Cow Vintage
Jeans - Zara
Shoes - Public Desire
Bag - Urban Outfitters

Ah Denim, the world's most popular fabric, the most worn, its hard wearing, you can find it in virtually every style you can think of, and is worn by almost everyone. Although denim is part of my every day casual wardrobe, double denim is not a look I usually do - well I haven't been doing many looks at all lately because my go to quarantine look has been a pair of comfy leggings, a vest and a satin headscarf, however restrictions are being eased and my looks can now be dusted off and ready once again for the outside world.

On Sunday 21st June it was fathers day, and as always it was a joyous occasion in my parents house. We ordered in food from two amazing black owned businesses, we watched films and I had a flick through some old photo albums. My favourite photo ever of my dad and I is me standing on top of a car as a baby and my dad has on the most fabulous double denim look with a thin white belt.

I thought it would be cool if I re created my dad's denim outfit from that photo as my tribute to him on fathers day. I opted for these slouchy jeans from Zara and honestly they are the most comfortable pair of jeans I own. I often find jeans quite restrictive and tight, but I do literally everything is these and I have no issues, I wear these dressed up, I wear these to my styling jobs, and even paired with a bandeau or a vest and a pair of sandals, it can easily become part of a great summer look.

I wanted to put a little twist on the outfit and opted for this leopard print belt from Primark to break the denim up a little, and chose this bag from Urban outfitters that I've had for a about six years to pair it with.

I LOVE these shoes! My sister hates them with a passion, but I want them in every colour. They are so comfortable and the perfect heel height to walk around in, without worrying about if your feet are going to feel like they are being attacked by your shoes within half an hour of being worn.

The details, the details, the details are so important. When an outfit needs to be pulled together, your accessories  do that for you, when choosing accessories they don't necessarily need to match but they should compliment your outfit.

As lockdown eases be safe, wash your hands and keep being fabulous! :)


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  1. You look absolutely FABULOUS rocking the blue denim Cow Vintage jacket styled with the Zara light blue denim jeans!!!!!!

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