Friday, 5 December 2014

Friday's Fashion Fix

Today's fashion fix is all about my favourite things...SHOES! I absoloutley think that wearing the right shoes with the right outfit is essential to a womans wardrobe. Different shoes send different signals and messages for examples, converse say I'm on the go, Court shoes say, 'I mean business'. Not to mention wearing a great pair of heels can make me feel very empowered and cause me to strut my stuff like my name is Naomi Campbell down the pavement.

I always say that you can have on a basic outfit, but your shoes will be the definers of how it s carried off. So today I bring you three pairs of shoes that I've been eyeing up for a while that I will hopefully purchasing sometime soon.

1.) The 'Roxy stud High Sandals', I'm obsessed with these shoes! I was in Top shop trying on something and wanted a shoe to try it on with and the sales assistant brought these over, I felt like this person had read my mind - they're gorgeous. The block heel make them very comfortable to walk in, I think these would look great at a cocktail party or if you just want to look super fierce in the day with a pair of black cigarette jeans and a biker jacket. They also have these shoes in black.

                                                                                                        Top Shop £55

2.) Next the Gold metallic court shoes from Zara. I've wanted a pair of these for a while now. I purchased a pair from Top Shop about a year ago, but when I got the home realised they were to tight and had to sell them *sighs*, I couldn't find any shoes the same, but behold the ones from Zara are exactly what I like, but I have now just gone on their website and they've sold out of my size *sighs once more in disappointment* For now they will just have to remain on my wish list.

                                                                                                        Zara £39.99                                                                       

3.) I do love a good ankle boot. Not only are these boots stylish but they are weather appropriate with a block heel. These are what I call the multi - purpose shoes because they go with any and everything. They also transcend seasons as I can see this being paired with a little tank top and denim levi shorts in the summer.
                                                                                                        Zara £49.99



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    1. I know right! I'm keeping my eye on those they definitely need to be in my wardrobe! :)


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