Monday, 21 August 2017

The Nigerian Wedding Outfit!


Dress - Designed by me
Shoes - Zara (old)
Bag - Primark

Hi my lovelies! On Saturday I had the pleasure of attending a traditional Nigerian wedding with my Mr. I was so excited! My heritage is Jamaican and our celebrations for weddings are big, but I've always wished that we had traditional attire, so when my Mr (who is Nigerian) said we were going to a traditional Nigerian wedding I couldn't wait, and best believe I looked like royalty for the whole day Yaaaasss!

The dress fabric was actually provided by the groom, so I had the freedom of designing my own dress and sourcing the lining for it, which I picked up from a fabric store in Shepherds Bush. For a dress with this much volume in the skirt I'd advise to pick up 4M of fabric and 4M of lining.

After picking up my fabric, my Mr took me to a fabulous Nigerian tailor in Peckham by the name of 'Lady J' who made the dress for me (as I didn't have time to make it myself) and OMG she did an amazing job and the dress fit like a glove after just one fitting.

The morning of the wedding I went to have my gele wrapped onto my head, and my goodness watching the lady fold and layer it was truly a work of art, BUT she wrapped it so tightly onto my head I had a headache loool. The main thing is I looked fierce, and the colour contrasted beautifully with the dress, and complimented my makeup.

These traditional coral beads made a real statement and brought the dress to life.

The Wedding itself was just great! I loved all of the traditions that had to be done before the ceremony took place, like the bride and grooms family meeting each other, the grooms family giving the brides family gifts, the dancing as the bride came in, it truly was an amazing day.

To ensure that a dress like this is carried off well, it's important to wear a high shoe with a platform. The heel helps to lift the dress off the floor and give you more height, and the platform will help you balance and last longer in your shoes for the day. 

The Wedding Hall


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