Thursday, 28 September 2017

My Eventful Weekend: Wedding, Food, Camden, Comedy Show

Hi all!

I have literally just come back from an event filled weekend which has left me me feeling all happy and warm on the inside because, it was my Mr man's birthday and I also went to a beautiful wedding on Saturday. African weddings are so amazing I love all the traditional clothing and all the dancing, but due to me not wanting to spend any more money on a new dress, I went into my wardrobe archive and opted for one of my favourite ocassions pieces - the faaaabulous red dress.

Admittedly it's slightly daring for a wedding but I've never been one to shy away from showing a bit of thigh as long as its done tastefully. I decided to make the outfit a truly red affair with red shoes from Just Fab and the ultimate red power lipstick 'Ruby Woo'.

Inside the wedding reception was just beautiful from the centre pieces, the table layout, the dance floor the cake, the food, it truly was a great evening. I didn't vlog or take many pictures while I was there because to be honest I just wanted to enjoy the evening in the moment instead of recording it BUT one thing I do know is when those bashment songs came on I danced until my feet hurt wooii.

On Sunday I went to church but needed an outfit that I could wear and go straight from church, out to dinner, and then to a comdey show in the evening. I opted for my plain figure hugging turtle neck and my midi pencil skirt, nothing fussy just a simple ensemble with some statement sunglasses and a red lip.

I absolutely adore these shoes BUT, the heels on them are completely rubbish to my disappointment. I wore them with this outfit for the first time and within two hours of wearing them BOTH of the heel tips completely broke! It was just completely bizzare I was so annoyed, luckily I have a spare pare of heel tips so fingers crossed they'll be ok.

After church me and my Mr headed to a lovely little restaurant in Covent Garden called the 'Flat Iron', it was essentially just a steak burger and chips and tbh TGI's would probably have been a much better choice, but I think it's good to switch it up every now and again.

After a lovely meal me and my Mr headed over to Camden where we walked through the markets on the cobble stones looking at all the different clothes and trinkets, it was actually quite romantic. We found the most amazing shop with these beautiful colourful canvas prints and incense (I wanted to buy all of them lol), and I found the most gorgeous leather jacket.

Finally we went to the 'Mash Up' game show which was hosted by Mo the comedian who is soooo hilarious its actually ridiculous, I laughed so hard my stomach hurt. Over all I had a lovely weekend and I can't wait to have one like it again :) xx



  1. That red dress is amazing - such a great statement piece.

  2. You looked fabulous rocking both outfits! Your grey turtleneck and black pencil midi-skirt look great together and that red dress is very eye-catching - you look amazing wearing it, and your matching red lipstick looks very pretty too.


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